How to watch the Super Bowl on

The NFL will broadcast Super Bowl LI on CNN this year, with CNN host Jeff Zucker and CNN Senior Business Reporter Jim Acosta taking the lead.CNN has a lot to live up to in the next few years.

CNN will debut a new sports hub called “The World” with a host of shows on CNN-branded content including the “Dancing With the Stars” spinoff “America’s Got Talent.”

And there are new partners in the works.

Last week, the network announced a partnership with the U.K.-based company, Sling TV, to bring live-streamed Super Bowls to the U, U.S., Canada and Mexico.

The first episode of “America Tonight” and “Pivot” will be available on Sling in the U., the first episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” and the first episode “Hannibal” will both be available through Sling, and the second and third seasons of “Last Man Standing” and AMC’s “The Walking Dead” will also be available to stream through Sled.

While some of those deals may be limited to a few hours each week, they’ll be something that CNN is eager to bring to a larger audience.

“We know this has been a huge growth area for CNN, and we want to continue to deliver on that opportunity for our audience,” CNN Senior Vice President and General Manager Jeff Zucker told The Wall Street Journal.

“I’m confident that we’re going to see even more growth as we add more sports content.”CNN will also continue to host the NBA Finals and the World Series, and has partnered with a variety of international networks including ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN News, ESPN Originals, ESPN Radio, ESPN Deportes and the Univision network.