What are the best streaming TV shows and movies?

Streaming TV shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video is now available to almost every U.S. home, but many have found that there’s a lot to consider before jumping in.

The Wall St. Journal reports that some streaming TV offerings are less polished than others, while some are free while others require subscription.

Here are the top 10 streaming TV options to get you started:1.

The House of Cards: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO, TBSAll content is available to stream in HD or 4K on the platform.

The series stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as three people who decide to leave their old lives for the start of their own family.

Netflix and Hulu also offer the original series, including its first season, The House, which debuted last year.2.

American Crime Story: Netflix and HBO, Amazon, HuluAll content from the Netflix original series and the Netflix anthology series American Crime Stories is available for streaming on the service.

The show stars Laura Prepon as a young woman whose family was the victims of a serial killer and her mother is murdered.

The first season premiered last year and Netflix has made a $3.5 million investment in the series.3.

The OA: NetflixAll content available on the streaming service is available in HD and 4K.

The HBO series The Oa has been described as “the first major show about a black woman on TV” and is also available in 4K for $14.99 a month.4.

Transparent: Amazon, NetflixAll episodes of the Amazon original series Transparent are available for free streaming on Amazon Prime.

The episodes have been described by Amazon as “an unusual blend of feminist drama and political commentary.”5.

The Night Manager: Amazon Prime and HuluAll episodes available on Amazon Instant Video are available to watch for free.

The Amazon series was developed and executive produced by Charlie Brooker and stars Robin Wright and Rachel Dratch.6.

The Leftovers: Amazon and Hulu, AmazonPrime and Hulu All episodes of The Leftover series are available on Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Instant.

The new series, which has been in production for about a year, stars Joel McHale and Carrie Coon.7.

Black Mirror: Netflix Amazon and NetflixAll original series Black Mirror are available in the U.K. for free on Amazon and on Amazon, Amazon Instant and Netflix, with the first season available for a limited time.8.

The Walking Dead: AmazonPrime, Hulu and AmazonAll series of The Walking Bad are available at Amazon Prime Instant Video and Hulu.9.

Narcos: Amazon Netflix, Netflix Amazon Prime streaming service, HuluThe Spanish-language series, set in the Mexican drug cartel world, is available on all platforms.10.

The Good Place: NetflixThe Amazon original television series has been available in more than 100 countries.

The fourth season will be available for $19.99 on Amazon.11.

Narcossos: NetflixAmazon, NetflixAmazon Prime streaming TV series.

Netflix has the original Narcos series in the US and is streaming it on its service.12.

The Crown: Netflix Netflix, Hulu All original series of the British drama The Crown are available with no subscription required.13.

American Horror Story: FX Amazon and FXNetflix have all four original seasons of the FX series available on streaming platforms.14.

The Killing: NetflixNetflix, Amazon and Amazon Netflix and Netflix are available all season for free for the first time.15.

The Flash: Netflix: FX, Amazon Netflix is also streaming season 1 of The Flash on its platform.16.

True Blood: FX Netflix and FX Netflix are streaming season 2 of True Blood on Netflix.17.

The 100: Netflix All seasons of The 100 are available.18.

The Americans: Netflix (and Amazon Prime) All the episodes of American Crime are available free on Netflix on the first episode for a short time and all subsequent episodes are available immediately on Amazon for a one-time fee.19.

Transporter: Netflix all seasons of Transporter are available via Netflix Prime.20.

American Gods: Amazon Amazon Prime is available exclusively to Amazon Prime members.21.

Narcros: Amazon (and Netflix) Netflix, AMC Amazon Prime (and AMC Netflix) are available exclusively on Amazon (Prime) and Netflix.22.

Daredevil: AmazonNetflix, AMC Netflix and AMC Netflix are all available on Netflix (Prime).23.

The Handmaid’s Tale: Netflix AMC Netflix is available via Amazon Prime for a free trial of season 1.24.

American Beauty: Netflix HBO Netflix is now streaming season 5 of American Beauty in its original order, which was available on its original service.25.

The Mindy Project: Amazon Hulu, Hulu Amazon and AMCNetflix are available from Amazon Prime on Amazon Fire TV.26.

The Blacklist: Netflix Hulu Netflix and Viacom Netflix are now available on HBO, Netflix and the streaming network on Viaco.27.

Fargo: Netflix FX Netflix is streaming season