What we know about the latest Netflix streaming deal: The deals are here and they’re not good for the average consumer

We just heard that Netflix has signed a deal to offer its streaming service in more countries, and we have some other news that we can’t share yet.

First up is a deal that will let Netflix in all the countries that have yet to sign up to Netflix’s new “Netflix Everywhere” service.

This means that Netflix will be able to offer Netflix in countries like India, Russia, Pakistan, Mexico, and other countries where its already available.

The other deals announced today are more limited in scope and offer Netflix exclusive content for some users in some countries.

For example, Netflix has agreed to offer exclusive streaming of episodes of “House of Cards” for US residents.

The service is only available in the US, so we’ll be hearing more about that later this week.

In all, the deals will allow Netflix to reach 10 million US households, and the service is currently available only in select countries like Brazil, Canada, Chile, Argentina, and Chile, among others.

The company also plans to roll out new international subscribers to Netflix in 2018.

These deals are great news for Netflix subscribers, but it’s worth noting that these deals are only for a limited time.

Netflix will begin rolling out the streaming service worldwide in September, and it will be rolling out its service to more countries as well in 2019.

The company has yet to announce a price for the service, but we do know that it will cost $9.99 per month to stream one episode of “The Handmaid’s Tale” or one episode from “House Of Cards.”

The service will be available in both the US and the UK.