When HBO and Hulu cancel HBO Now, you can stream it for free

HBO and Cinemax are shutting down HBO Now and Hulu, respectively, in the coming months.

HBO Now will go the way of Netflix, and Hulu will disappear entirely.

HBO’s streaming app is no longer supported by Apple, while Hulu’s YouTube will no longer be accessible to Apple devices.

The streaming platforms will stop being accessible to anyone in the U.S. in the months following.

If you’re an iOS or Android user, the only way you can watch HBO Now is through the HBO Now app on your phone or tablet.

If that’s not your thing, you’re free to stream the service on a PC or Mac.

HBO and AMC also announced that they will no be continuing to carry HBO Now on their channels in the United States.

Both channels will continue to carry their own HBO Now shows and content.

HBO also has plans to offer its own streaming app in the future, though we’re not sure when that will happen.