South Park: The Fractured But Whole trailer is live

South Park fans were hoping for a trailer for the upcoming seventh season, but this one is actually live.

Watch the trailer below, and then hit the comments to share your thoughts on what you saw.

The trailer begins with a montage of South Park’s most iconic moments, such as the titular characters being taken hostage, a car crash that killed two characters and the final scene of the South Park season four finale.

The trailer then cuts to a shot of a school bus full of kids in the fictional town of Sandy, where South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are filming the show.

After the montage, the trailer switches to a black screen and a black silhouette of a young boy with a gun appears, accompanied by an ominous “S” sound effect.

A moment later, the boy’s silhouette is followed by a voice saying, “Welcome to South Park Elementary.”

The trailer switches back to the school bus, with another shot of children in the back.

The scene then fades to black.

The next scene shows Parker and Stone standing behind a building as the boy, a character named Stick, explains his plan to overthrow South Park.

The boy explains that he is going to steal a nuclear weapon from a military facility.

Stick points a gun at Parker and says, “Now that’s some serious stuff.”

Stick then pulls a gun on Parker, who is then shown in the middle of a hallway with Stick.

The shot then switches to the boy with the gun, who says, “(expletive) the police.”

The boy then says, in reference to Stick, “The police will never stop me.”

The next shot shows Stick holding Stick’s gun.

Stick, now dressed in a red jacket, is shown lying on the ground.

A man then comes to the door and says “South Park.”

Stick, with the man behind the door, then says “You’re not the police.

The police will stop you.”

The shot then cuts back to Stick holding the gun.

The next shot then shows Stick and Stick lying next to each other on the floor.

A voice says, “…you’ll never stop.”

The last shot shows the boy standing over Stick.

A scene then cuts in to Stick with the boy behind him holding Stick and holding the boy in the air.

The scene then switches back and forth to Stick and the boy holding Stick on the top of a building.

The clip then cuts out.