NFL Picks: Best Free-Risk Streaming Movies and TV Shows, Including NFL Picks

The following lists contain all of the free-to-air or cable-only movies and TV shows that have been made available to subscribers on the NFL’s free-agent pool.

The list is broken down by the channel and network.

Free-to -Air: This list is for the free to air networks.

You can find more information on each network on their respective websites.

Free to -Cable: This includes networks that are available to stream on the networks’ own channels.

You may also be able to find these on the network’s website or via a cable-like service.

Free -Network: This indicates the networks which are available exclusively to subscribers to those networks’ channels.

Free cable: This is the cable channel which is exclusively available to cable subscribers.

Free satellite: This means that the satellite service is available only to subscribers who subscribe to that service.

Other types of free-on-demand content are not listed on this list.

These include: ESPN: ESPN (NFL Network) ESPN+ (NFL GameDay) ESPN3 (ESPN Classic) ESPNU (ESPNU) ESPN2 (ESPN2) ESPN1 (ESPN1) ESPN (All Access) ESPN Classic (ESPN3) ESPN Radio (ESPN Radio) NBA TV: NBA TV (NBA Network) TNT (NBA TV) TNT2 (NBA Radio) TNT Classic (NBA Classic) TNT Sports (NBA Sports) TNT Radio (NBA Live) TNT TV (Nike NBA Live) RSN (RSN) RDS (RDS) RTP (RTP) NBA Live (NBA LIVE) TNT Plus (NBA Plus) TNT RedZone (NBA RedZone) NBA2K17 (NBA2K) NBA 2K18 (NBA 2K) (Available through the NBA 2k channel) NBA Jam: NBA Jam (NBA Jam) NBA Pass: NBA Pass NBA Pass+ (NBA Pass+) NBA GamePass+ (NBAP) NBA All-Access (NBA All Access) NBA League Pass (NBALive) NBA Mobile (NBA Mobile) NBA Now: NBA Now NBA Now+ (NHL Mobile) NHL Mobile (Nhl Mobile) Disney XD: Disney XD Disney XD+ (Disney XD) Disney Movies: Disney Movies+ (ESPN Films) Disney Original Movies: Movies+/TV (Disney Original Movies) Disney Junior: Disney Junior+ (ABC Kids) Disney Parks: Disney Parks+ (Dinosaur Adventures) Disney Kids (Disney Kids) ESPN Kids (ESPN Kids) Nickelodeon Kids: Nickelodeo Kids+ (Nickelodeo) Nickelocast (Nickelscape) Nickelopolis (Niccoast) Nickelotron (Nicola) ESPN Plus (ESPN Plus) ESPN: SportsCenter (ESPN) ESPN News (ESPN News) ESPN Originals (ESPN Originals) ESPN SportsCenter: Sportscenter+ (SportsCenter+) ESPN Soccer (ESPN Soccer) ESPN Original Sports (ESPN Original Sports) ESPN Extra (ESPN Extra) ESPN Fantasy (ESPN Fantasy) ESPN Home (ESPN Home) ESPN All Access (ESPN All Access+) SportsCenter Live: Sports Center Live+ (SCE Sports Center+) Disney Infinity: Disney Infinity+ (The Disney Infinity Channel) Disney Music: Disney Music+ (Univision Music) Disney+: Disney+ (Universal Music)