WATCH: WATCH: Man arrested for video showing him beating up his friend

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A man arrested for videotaping himself punching a friend in the face and beating him with a hammer in an apparent fight over a smartphone video game has been charged with murder.

In New York City, investigators said in a statement on Monday that 25-year-old Anthony A. DeBlasio was arrested in the Bronx on Friday after they received information he was holding a smartphone and filming himself punching and kicking his friend in a video game.

Police said he punched the victim several times and then stomped on his head.

They also said the victim suffered facial fractures.

DeBlasio had a history of domestic violence, the statement said.

He was held without bail and was scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

In a video posted online last week, DeBlacio said he and his friend were playing a video-game called “Trial by Fire” and he was “trying to beat up” the friend.

DeBasio told police the two were playing for about an hour when he got a text message from his friend saying he had won the game and that he was going to hit him.

The video showed the two in the game punching each other repeatedly, then kicking and stomping on the victim.

DeGasio said the two continued to fight for about 30 minutes until he finally punched the friend in his face and knocked him to the ground, the police statement said, adding that he punched him again and kicked him twice more in the back.

DeBasio said in the video that he wanted to kill the person who had insulted him and he planned to take the video to Facebook.

Deblasio said he did not mean to harm the person but that the video made him feel like a “freak.”

“I’m going to get him,” he said.

The police statement did not elaborate on what prompted DeBliso to film the fight, and he has not been charged.

DeDezasio, of Long Island, has a history with the law and was charged in March with felony assault and battery.