Recode: Twitter to allow users to view NHL game streams, NFL on CBS and ESPN

Twitter will soon allow users who are watching their favorite sports to watch their own streams on the social network, the company announced.

The changes are part of a new “trending topic” that allows users to see their own posts, replies and conversations.

Users can also post their own videos to YouTube.

The company also plans to let users post to Twitter as well as Instagram, which already allows users a number of different ways to post on the platform.

For instance, users can use their Twitter account to upload videos and post comments to their posts.

The company has said the new trending topic also will allow users from outside of Twitter to follow posts in the same manner.

Users can also comment on the posts in their feed.

The change comes after Twitter has been criticized for its decision to allow a new, controversial feature that allowed users to post videos on the service to YouTube, where they could watch their posts and comments appear on YouTube’s video page.

Twitter removed that feature in March.

Last month, Twitter said it would suspend the ability to comment on posts in videos for a few days.

The suspension will last through the end of the week.