How does a college football team do its thing in college?

A young football team in Northern Illinois has taken to the gridiron to play college football.

The Nittany Lions have been on the field for a couple of seasons now, but have not had the success of their more experienced opponents. 

They have beaten the likes of Purdue, Iowa, Illinois and Illinois State, but the best of them are the team that just won a Big Ten championship. 

This year’s team will be called the Northwestern Wildcats, and they are set to take on Iowa State, Nebraska and Michigan State. 

The Wildcats are the first Nittanawan team to have a win over a Power 5 school.

The previous record was held by Purdue, which beat the Big Ten champion Ohio State in the Big 10 Championship game on Jan. 12.

The Wildcats have been very successful at the end of the season, going 10-2-1 and earning the Big 20 Conference Championship in the process. 

In 2017, the Wildcats posted the third-best winning percentage in the conference, finishing with a 10-3 record. 

While they finished sixth in the polls, the team was just 2-7 in games that went beyond the first two quarters. 

After a slow start, the Nittawas finished the year with a 5-1 record in games where they won the ball game.

The Wildcats also earned an automatic bid to the Big 12 Conference Championship game in 2017, a game that went to overtime. 

If the Wildcats are able to make the NCAA Tournament, it will be their first time playing in the championship game since they lost in the NCAA Championship game to Oklahoma in 2011. 

Their next game will be the 2018 NCAA Tournament game against Baylor on Dec. 12, when the Bears take on Oklahoma State.