Why will NBC be more willing to cut cable for sports?

The networks will be more open to letting subscribers stream sports and more likely to cut a deal to bring live games online, sources said.NBC Sports, the parent company of NBC Sports Network and NBCSN, will be the lead bidder on DirecTV Now and Dish Network’s Sling TV.NBC executives have been working with a team of sports analysts and programmers to come up with an initial price for the streaming service.

The price could range from $25 per month for the basic package to as high as $60 per month, sources told The Hill.

The networks are expected to offer the service to consumers on a first-come, first-served basis, sources close to the negotiations said.

A second option could be a monthly subscription to a streaming service that includes some sports content, but also requires subscribers to sign up for a year’s subscription to the network.

The network executives also are expected have a conversation with Dish, which has been trying to push its Sling service as a viable alternative to NBC’s basic service.

If they do, Dish could offer more financial incentives for subscribers to subscribe to its service.

The NBC executives want to bring some of the sports content to the streaming platform.

Sports Networks analyst Mike Bock has said he thinks the company could make money on a subscriber-only streaming service, and sources said the network could have as many as 10 shows that have been exclusive to its channels.

“We think that there is value there.

We are talking about exclusives like NBA Countdown, the NFL Network, NFL Draft, NFL Saturday Night, NHL Saturday Night,” one source said.”

The sports networks can be more competitive and be more aggressive in what they do on the streaming platforms,” another source said, adding that the network is looking to create a network that competes with Netflix and Amazon.com.

The sources said that the networks are also talking to HBO and other streaming platforms to see if they could offer HBO programming.

HBO is not currently interested in offering its own streaming service and has been actively negotiating with Direc TV for its content.

“This is all in the works.

There is nothing to announce at this point,” a network source said when asked if the networks were negotiating with HBO or other streaming services.

The other network source also said that NBC is trying to bring in more content from the sports world.

NBC has been working closely with sports content companies to build an audience and a platform that competits with streaming services and Netflix.

The network wants to be able to offer exclusive shows that viewers have never seen before.

“There are a lot of great sports content creators that are making content that is not available on the basic service,” the source said about NBC’s approach to streaming content.

“The basic service is the gold standard for sports content and it will be interesting to see what the network comes up with.”NBC Sports is expected to start offering its sports network to consumers in the coming months.

The networks basic service costs $45 a month for a basic package and $30 a month plus a two-year subscription to its sports channel.

The company is also expected to launch a standalone streaming service in the near future.