How Netflix is streaming anime in its US territories

Netflix has just launched streaming in the US for its first-ever week in the country. 

The streaming service has been available in the states since May 20th, but in the first week of June it launched streaming to a new US territory – Arizona. 

Netflix is streaming on the following US carriers:  AT&T: Verizon: T-Mobile: Sprint: US Cellular: AT&T US customers can get unlimited Netflix for $9.99 per month. 

Verified US customers are able to purchase unlimited Netflix in the U.S. for $14.99. 

However, AT&Ts unlimited streaming will expire on September 14th.

AT&ts unlimited streaming is only available to AT&t US customers who are connected to AT & T-Mobile service. 

SAMSUNG: Comcast: Charter: All other networks will be available in June as well. 

AT &amp) Verification required for Netflix streaming in US on AT&lties Unlimited Internet Service  AT > T &amp’ s Unlimited Internet service will be available for $24.99 for 12 months. 

(Image credit: Netflix) ATTV: Microsoft: Google Fiber: Samsung: Cord-cutters can now get unlimited access to ATTV for $10.99/month. 

For a limited time, ATTV will be offering a free trial of unlimited ATTV TV. 

At&T: AT&tt;T U-Verse: Virgin Mobile: Bing: Vodafone: Other networks: We are looking to add other US internet providers in the near future. 

We hope to have a list of the providers soon. 

If you have a suggestion, let us know at or on Twitter at @netflix . 

Netflix will also be launching streaming in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. 

Check out the full list of Netflix streaming countries below.

Netflix in Brazil Netflix in Chile Netflix in Colombia Netflix in Ecuador Netflix in El Salvador Netflix in Guatemala Netflix in Peru Netflix in Uruguay Netflix in Venezuela Netflix in Bolivia Netflix in South Africa Netflix in Thailand Netflix in Turkey Netflix in Australia Netflix in New Zealand Netflix in Indonesia Netflix in Malaysia Netflix in Singapore Netflix in Japan Netflix in United Arab Emirates Netflix in Vietnam Netflix in Russia Netflix in UAE Netflix in Hong Kong Netflix in India Netflix in Mexico Netflix in Nigeria Netflix in Qatar Netflix in Saudi Arabia Netflix in Taiwan Netflix in UK Netflix in US Netflix in Austria Netflix in Denmark Netflix in France Netflix in Germany Netflix in Italy Netflix in Portugal Netflix in Sweden Netflix in Switzerland Netflix in Ukraine Netflix in Canada Netflix in Israel Netflix in Spain Netflix in Greece Netflix in Hungary Netflix in Malta Netflix in Morocco Netflix in Netherlands Netflix in Poland Netflix in Romania Netflix in Serbia Netflix in Slovakia Netflix in Slovenia Netflix in The Netherlands Netflix on Netflix in China Netflix on Google Play Netflix on Hulu Netflix on YouTube Netflix on Netflix Australia Netflix on Sky Movies Netflix on Vudu Netflix on Facebook Netflix on iTunes Netflix on Spotify Netflix on Netflix on Tidal Netflix on Roku Netflix on Sling TV Netflix on TiVo Netflix on Xbox Netflix on Chromecast Netflix on Apple TV Netflix in Amazon Prime Now Netflix on Prime Video Netflix on iHeartRadio Netflix on Beats 1 Netflix on SoundCloud Netflix on Mixcloud Netflix on the BBC World Service Netflix on XM Netflix on MTV Movie Channel Netflix on TuneIn Netflix on Twitch Netflix on Stitcher Netflix on Periscope Netflix on PocketCasts Netflix on Play Movies on HBO Netflix on Cinemax Netflix on Comedy Central Netflix on BBC America Netflix on Syfy Netflix on History Netflix on HBO GO Netflix on Showtime Netflix on SundanceTV Netflix on FreeformNetflix Netflix on The History Channel Netflix in Belgium Netflix in Bulgaria Netflix in Croatia Netflix in Cyprus Netflix in Czech Republic Netflix in Estonia Netflix in Finland Netflix in Georgia Netflix in Iceland Netflix in Ireland Netflix in Jordan Netflix in Korea Netflix in Latvia Netflix in Lithuania Netflix in Luxembourg Netflix in Macedonia Netflix in Moldova Netflix in Montenegro Netflix in Norway Netflix in Pakistan Netflix in Philippines Netflix in Puerto Rico Netflix in Russian Federation Netflix in San Marino Netflix in Syria Netflix in Turkish Republic Netflix on Verizon Netflix on US Cellular Netflix on Virgin Mobile Netflix on AT < T&amp’s Unlimited Internet on Verizon FiOS on AT>T’s Unlimited Internet on AT’s U-verse on Charter Communications on Charter Communications on T-mobile on Sprint on Virgin Mobile on T-Mobility on U.C.M.A.

S on US Cellular on American Express on DirecTV Now on Dish Network on Vodafones on Fido on G4S and more. You can