Watch: Watch the debate on cbs live streams

CBS News has aired a live-stream debate between a Trump supporter and a Bernie Sanders supporter.

The debate is one of several televised debates the network is holding this year, and CBS has been making sure to keep up with the political landscape as the election approaches.CBS News is airing a live debate between the Trump supporter, Donald Trump Jr. and his wife, Melania Trump, on Thursday.

In addition to the two main candidates, the debate will also include candidates for U.S. Senate and governorships.

The campaign for Hillary Clinton’s Democratic opponent, Bernie Sanders, has a scheduled debate on Friday night.

In a statement on the CBS website, CBS News President and CEO Les Moonves said: “While the stakes in this election are higher than ever, CBS has always had a special relationship with our viewers, and we are proud to host the next presidential debate.”

Watch the CBS News debate above.

For more coverage of the election, visit ABC News’ election coverage page.ABC News’ John Santucci contributed to this report.