How to watch Blue Stream on your phone? This is the answer

Updated September 20, 2018 05:23:22 A video streaming service that lets users watch live TV in multiple languages has emerged in China.

Blue Stream is an app that allows users to stream video to their smartphones and tablets from the China-based company Xingtai.

Blue Stream is currently available only in China, but will be rolled out in other countries over the coming months.

The app’s creators claim the service is free to use and that the content is not “anti-Chinese” in any way.

However, the Chinese state broadcaster CCTV has already accused the app of peddling “filth” and has banned it from its platforms.

Blue stream is the second app to debut in China to stream live TV from China, following an app called Blue Sky.

It’s not the first time a video streaming app has emerged to China, however.

Blue Sky, an app launched in April that allows Chinese citizens to stream their TV content to their iPhones, has been blocked in China since February 2018.

China is the world’s biggest television market and is expected to account for 50 percent of all domestic television viewing by 2020.

The country is home to a large population of ethnic Chinese, who have traditionally been reluctant to watch foreign TV shows and movies, fearing they will be censored by state censors.

For many people, Chinese TV shows such as Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Kai and the Dragonball series have become popular in recent years due to their dramatic story line and dramatic plots.

In October 2018, the Communist Party launched a national education campaign in China targeting the country’s ethnic minorities.

In response, China’s biggest broadcaster, CCTV, introduced a new TV drama series titled Dragon Ball TV in February 2019, which was banned by the Chinese government.