How to watch ‘The Voice’ season 4 on Amazon Prime video service

Amazon has introduced a new feature in its Prime Video service that allows users to watch Amazon Prime Video on Amazon Fire TV devices.

The feature is available to Prime members in the U.K., Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, according to Amazon.

It will only be available to those who have a Prime membership and an Amazon FireTV box.

“We want to provide Prime members with a way to stream Amazon Prime Videos on their Fire TV, so they can watch their favorite shows and movies without having to worry about whether they can stream on a PC or on an Xbox,” Amazon said in a statement.

“With this feature, you can watch Amazon Fire TVs, Fire TV Stick, Fire TVs and Fire TV sets on your Fire TV and enjoy Amazon Prime.

To make it even easier, we’ve included a number of Amazon Prime features in this new Prime Video feature, such as Prime Music, Prime Video Player, and Prime Instant Video.”

In the past, Amazon has allowed users to stream Prime Video videos from their PC and Mac through its Amazon Video app, which then automatically shows the video on Amazon’s Fire TV streaming service.

Amazon says the new feature allows Prime members to watch on their device the same videos from the Prime Video app on their TVs.

Amazon also announced today that the Prime video app will be available in Germany, Ireland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden, with more countries coming soon.